AgentCASH Android SDK – Getting Started

General notes

In addition to providing payment services to direct application users (merchants), AgentCASH mobile app contains SDK which also serves as a payment service provider to 3rd party applications.

The goal of this technical document is to assist developers of 3rd party Android mobile applications to integrate with AgentCASH payment services by using Agent Cash Payment SDK.


To process payments in your Android application via SDK, you are required to register an AgentCASH merchant account. Processing card transactions additionally requires the merchant account to be enabled for card processing. Please refer to for activation and further support.

Notes on Miura Wi-Fi card readers

Connection to a Wi-Fi base station is controlled by download of a configuration file (wifi.cfg). When a Wi-Fi terminal has never been configured it will show the Wi-Fi logo flashing at 1Hz. After downloading a valid wifi.cfg (and disconnecting from USB), MPI will restart, and the Wi-Fi logo will flash at 0.5 Hz until it establishes a connection to one of the base stations provided in wifi.cfg. Once established the icon will become solid.

The format of the file is show below:

dhcp = false
## If dhcp is false they are all mandatory except for dns.
address =
netmask =
gateway =
dns =
listen_port = 6543
ssid = "<your-SSID>"
psk = "<your-psk>"
ssid = "<your-other-SSID>"
psk = "<your-other-psk>"

In the [general] section, set dhcp = false when a static IP configuration is required, and change the address, netmask, gateway, and optionally dns values to suit your access point(s). With listen_port is given, MPI will listen on that port for a connection from an application on the IP address it has been assigned.

The subsequent sections are used to specify access points, and have section names [ap_00] through to [ap_09]. Only [ap_00] is required. Any further access point sections can be specified if the terminal is expected to roam between multiple access points.